This Is Not The Blog You Are Looking For

***If you find the following post overly aggressive, just know that this is a confident affirmation, not a condemnation.*****

I know what your thinking. 

"This is a Blog right? Where are the recipes and the pampered pictures of dogs and babies?"

Don't worry, I'll drop those in here from time to time, but what you've stumbled on is something else. 

This is a raw view of a human being, only leaving things out that make sense to leave out, shit that is way beyond the line of "too personal". We're gonna be talking about a lot on here, as I grow into this new phase of my life. 

I'm a Dad, husband, podcaster, writer, artist, poet, rapper, comic book reader, movie lover, etc. 

I am more than recipes for cupcakes and tips on how to do your hair. Car reviews? Yeah from time to time. Beard Oil suggestions? Fuck yes. But don't come here thinking that's all your going to see. 

I love all things, and when I write about these things I do so from a place of true care and delight. I want to expand my horizons as well, doing MORE podcasts and MORE photography and MORE poetry etc. 

I'm not asking you to like it, and despite that this is me putting my piece on the internet for everyone to see and judge, I'm not asking you to like me. All I ask is that if you do like it, and you do like me, then join the fun and bring others along. Because one thing I really truly love as well as all the things previously listed......

....I love people. I love conversation and adventure. I love being a part of a world that, no matter how crazy, some of us can go be crazy together and have a blast with this minuscule amount of time we have on this wonderful planet. 

Peace, love, and see you next time. 


Benjamin Mullen