I have a deep appreciation for hand made crafts. I also have a deep appreciation for Feminism and those who do it well. Oh and I also have an appreciation for my fellow Dad Bloggers. Therefor it was only natural that my buddy Mike Reynolds, who puts all three of those together, should tug on my heartstrings. 

Once upon a time in San Francisco I met this guy at a Dad Blogger conference called Dad 2.0, which doesn’t get enough credit for the good it brings. We only chatted briefly, but it was clear we have the same goal: to be the best possible Dad to our daughters, and empower them and fill them with love and pride as much as possible. 

Since then, via his blog and his Facebook page, I’ve seen him get into deep conversations about gender issues, get tattoos designed by his kids, and (more to the point of the story) take up cross-stitching. 

But not just any cross-stitching, important cultural female figure cross-stitch. Figures like Billie Jean King, Michelle Obama and Ruth Bader Ginsberg. He’s also done fictional characters that are, despite being fictional, quite empowering role models like Hermione Granger and Captain Marvel. 

And that’s when I saw it. A batch of them for sale to benefit a charity, and there in its glowing beauty....Eleven from Stranger Things, eggo box and everything. I had to have it, and here it is. I take great pride in knowing the guy who made it, and I take great inspiration from its existence as a piece of art and how sometimes if you just start doing something, it will end up changing peoples lives and inspiring others.  

Check out Mike’s FB page Everyday Girl Dad ( and be sure to tune in to his life show “Coctails and Cross-Stitch”!